Maintaining Stomach and Digestive Health

An upset stomach ruins the whole day, especially if we can do nothing about it.

A regular person can only survive at most 8 days without food and water. We have to eat every day, for sustenance and for pleasure. We should control how much we eat, and what we eat. But on those days when we do over-eat, we may begin to feel unwell and bloated.

If you are like most people, typing “causes for upset stomach” in search engines may yield answers and URLs that point to a myriad of reasons, from food poisoning, stomach ulcers, or worse. The most common reason however, is indigestion. Indigestion is simply too much food in too cramped a time, and our stomach is unable to digest so many things at once, leading to a bloated gut and maybe, pain.

Some people get around with DIY or folk solutions, such as drinking tea (chamomile or peppermint). Chamomile may help to relieve the discomfort in the stomach as a mild antacid. And of course, off-the-counter antacids are also frequently used.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes in off-the-counter supplements may also help.

Pain is part of living, and as long as we can take precautions to reduce episodes of pain from happening, and manage pain whenever it occurs. It is the same with an upset stomach. For most of the times, an upset stomach should not take us down. As always, seek a physician’s counsel if you feel unwell acutely or things aren’t improving as they should.

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