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Welcome to HST Medical, Singapore’s leading health supplements company with our own traditional Chinese medicine Heritage TCM clinic and Essentials Pharmacy for prescription medicines.

Welcome! We are so glad you have found this page meant for passionate and dedicated professionals and partners who want to commit to building a trustworthy health supplements business with us. We would sincerely hope to have you grow with us, and succeed with us.

HST Medical – Higher, Stronger, Together (HST)

Singapore brand HST Medical is a trusted and established health supplements company that has grown and evolved through decades, bringing affordable supplements rooted in traditional heritage and contemporary sciences. The company believes in the motto “Higher, Stronger, Together”, to bring communities and people higher, stronger, and together.

Pain Relief Balm, Pearl Powder, Shouwu Plus, Boost Immune and Zoo-Vite

Some of our most popular health supplements for consumers and trade partners alike, are:

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