Deep Sea Squalene and Immunity

Mother nature has provided us with the edible resources to improve our lives, including natural immune boosters. Deep sea squalene is one such resource, and it can be sustainably sourced to continue to care for our earth.

Deep sea squalene boosts immunity and nourishes the body. This post will discuss how this ethical choice boosts immunity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Deep Sea Squalene Origins

Deep sea squalene, a naturally occurring lipid, can be found in deep sea sharks. Squalene makes around 25 to 30% of the body weight of some deep sea sharks. The concentration of this useful substance in these aquatic creatures is unmatched in the living world.

Squalene can be found outside of water. It is found in many plant oils, including olive oils. This adaptability emphasizes squalene’s ubiquitous presence in nature and its importance in biological processes.

What is squalene?

Squalene, a six-double-bonded dehydrotriterpenic hydrocarbon (C30H50), is an intermediary in phytosterol and cholesterol production in plants and animals.

We can produce squalene ourselves. Human sebaceous glands generate squalene to moisten and preserve the skin, but this production reduces with age.

Uses of squalene

Squalene has significant health advantages, including supporting immunity. Squalene may boost our body’s defenses with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Squalene has extraordinary qualities, but its hydrogenated counterpart, squalane, has distinct benefits that have led to its widespread use across industries. Hydrogenation turns squalene into squalane, which is more stable and less oxidative. Squalane is preferred for applications requiring endurance and environmental resistance due to its stability, such as cosmetics, with products such as moisturizers, serums, and other personal care products.

Beyond cosmetics, squalene and squalane are used as vaccine and drug delivery adjuvants in medicines, nutraceuticals, and industrial applications.

Squalene is well entrenched in the health supplementation and beauty industries, and we can easily adopt squalene into our daily health regime.


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