Cared for your precious eyes yet? It is not just about glasses and lenses!

When we apply eye masks, sunscreen or makeup on our faces, or drop in lubricating eye drops into our eyes when we feel some eye strain, they may only represent a tiny portion of eyecare. While it is important to keep our body in tip-top shape, taking good care of our joints, skin, muscles, and overall well-being, our eyes must never be overlooked.

When we scurry around the supermarkets, dropping vegetables, meats, drinks, and shampoo into our carts, we may sometimes drop in a bottle of multi-vitamins or maybe some painkillers. But, are we forgetting about our eyes?

Did you know that 1 in 2 children in Singapore develops myopia by age 12, where 83% of them turn myopic by age 18? Myopia would require prescription glasses or lenses, and some may even opt for various options of eye surgery at some point.

Though myopia is common, it may be costly to one’s lifestyle if improperly managed. The degree of myopia varies from one person to another. Some may experience severe myopia where they are practically blind, being unable to clearly see without their prescribed lenses beyond a few centimetres. While there are no ways to completely cure myopia apart from eye surgeries which may be costly and carry risks, there are ways to manage it and hopefully prevent it from worsening over time.

Some recommend not squinting eyes as much as possible, consuming more natural fruits and vegetables, supplements and medical eye drops (both OTC and prescription), and having regular checks with the optometrist or opthamologist (eye doctor). Reduce or quit smoking, and stick to a low-glycemic index (GI) diet as diabetes can also worsen our sight.

With most of us still wearing masks throughout this crisis, the first thing others notice about us, are our eyes. Keep our eyes healthy and sparkling!


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