Tips for Headache Relief

Are you the type that gets headache easily? There are different types of headache, each with different causes. Here are some common types of headache and easy ways to prevent or deal with them.

Tension Headache

Tension headache is one of the most common types of headache. It typically comes with stress and sitting for too long in one position. The best way of relieving tension headache is to get circulation going. Exercising helps greatly, especially those that involve movements of the neck and shoulders. Massage is another effective method, especially with the help of medicated balm. Massage on the neck where the muscles are stiff and both temples. You can also put a heat pack around the shoulder and behind the neck. Heat pack expands the blood vessels and improves circulation to the head.


People with migraine normally get attacks upon triggered. Observe the patterns and take note to stay away from the triggers. Common triggers include insufficient sleep, stress, certain food additives, alcohol and spicy food. Take steps to de-stress yourself regularly and not letting it build up. Deficiency in magnesium in the body can also cause migraine attacks. If this is the cause, taking a magnesium supplement helps greatly.

Headache from Sinus Congestion

Headache from sinus is secondary headache caused by blockage of sinus passages. Clearing sinus congestion is essential in getting rid of the headache. Some ways include using a humidifier, draining with a neti pot, and alternating hot and cold compresses.

Headache from Heat

This is especially true in the hot months in Singapore. If you suffer from this, stay away from the sun. Avoid eating food that increases heat in the body, such as deep-fried or barbequed food and spicy food. Certain teas help cool down the body. Effective teas include peppermint, chrysanthemum and Luo Han Guo (monk’s fruit).

Headache from Cold

You can also get a headache if the environment is too cold. This can happen when the air-conditioning in the office is too cold or when you are travelling in a cold-climate country. When in cold countries, remember to keep the head warm by wearing a hat. Warming up the body with ginger tea helps as well. Ginger not only helps to warm up the body, but also aids circulation.

No matter what type of headache you have, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can be useful. Acupuncture is especially effective for tension headache, sinus congestion and some migraines.

Shen-nong: How Chinese Medicine Understands Headache Disorders|

(by Tan Shiau Tse, TCM Physician, Copyright® HST Medical Pte Ltd)

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