Shou Wu Plus

Shou Wu Plus (80 Vegicaps)


Hair thinning and whitening is a common problem in modern society, especially when one approaches his or her thirties. The problem may be due to excessive stress, diet, drugs or hereditary. Shou-Wu Plus is an oral supplement that gets to the root of the problem, by stimulating growth and metabolism of hair follicles, improving microcirculation of blood and nutrients to the follicles and promoting the production of pigments to restore natural hair colour. Taken regularly for three months or longer, the degree of hair loss begins to fall to a normal level. Read about cordyceps here.
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Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder (60 capsules)


The medicinal uses of Pearl have been recognised by Chinese physicians for thousands of years. The lasting allure of Pearl is in its ability to clarify skin, calm nerves, improve vision and promote youthful radiance. Its key ingredient is Conchiolin, a rich matrix of organic substances with 18 amino acids to help rebuild and rejuvenate skin from within.
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Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest (Pure Concentrated, 40ml X 6)


Edible bird’s nest is a superior health tonic and widely used to maintain clear youthful complexion, boost immunity, aid convalescence and promote overall health and wellness. Heritage® Pure Concentrated ready-to-consume cave bird’s nest is suitable for everyone especially children, expectant and nursing mothers and the elderly. 100% natural. No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, stabilisers and additives. Prepared with reduced sugar content and packed in small bottles, convenient to carry anywhere.

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