HST Medical unveils new logo and brand refresh

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The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world, and every entity, from government, corporation, to individual, has been radically affected. Businesses, livelihoods, and even lives, were painfully razed and destroyed. And yet, we see the strength of the human spirit and unity slowly emerging from the ashes, to tend to the sick, to care for the hurt and disadvantaged, and to rebuild the communities. It is a hard journey ahead, and everyone has been diligently tending to the decks, and conforming to the orders of the moment. Already, we see the light of the dawn emerging, with emerging vaccines and ongoing treatments to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus courageously. And we, are slowly winning.

New World, New Look, New Soul

We at HST Medical has never stood still. We always and relentlessly innovated to the best of our humble abilities, what we can offer to the world, our small contributions to holistic health and fitness. But it was the distillation of this challenging year of 2020, that we accelerated our transformation. We needed to, not just to brave through the pandemic and the economic onslaught and to care for our people, but also challenged ourselves to reinvent ourselves for the new frontier of higher, stronger, together.

Through these sobering months, we condensed and refined what we aspire to continue in the next lap, as we journey with everyone through these uncharted waters, with our employees, our stakeholders, our partners, and you, our valued customers.

The new HST Medical logo

With the launch of our new logo and brand identity, we wanted to retain the best values, and to aim our aspirations forward for the long haul.

The new logo has a hint of the old, and yet thoroughly refreshed. You may notice that we feature a bright deep pink, known as Rubine Red, for the primary color, followed by a dark gray for part of the text. Rubine Red in the form of the red filled circle, signifies the life-giving sun, warm and nourishing for all lives under its domain. The word within the red sun, is the Chinese character 草, which is a reference to 草本, or herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At the same time, 草 in Chinese also represents “grass”, which is the most abundant natural vegetation on earth, and can always flourish and permeate throughout every corner of the earth, rooting itself, surviving storms that even colossal trees and beasts may not. Therefore, the word 草 represents nature, nurture, strength, resilience, and abundance, to demonstrate that with the right nourishment and care, everyone can grow and live abundantly. HST Medical provides good quality ingredients for all her offerings, and we always aim to make our products as approachable as possible. The calligraphic style of 草 is cursive, to signify that life as we understand it, should be lived abundantly and joyfully, like a dance.

New slogan – Higher, Stronger, Together (HST)

You may have noticed that we use “Higher, Stronger, Together (HST)” in our website and elsewhere, to show that health is not passive, but a courageous pursuit of going higher, growing stronger, and becoming together with people. Unity is strength.


Stakeholders and relationships

As we sail through this pandemic and economic storm, we want to grow closer to our customers, whether individual or institutional. We want to be entrenched in the community to make a difference, however small now, and to grow steadily with sure steps and grounded hearts. It is also the best time for us to consolidate, and to bring into focus what we do, what we offer, and what we hope to become. We will be strengthening our efforts in marketing, in media outreach, in partnerships, and in international channel development.

Converging to Excellence

You may have known us by various product brands, such as Heritage®, Nature’s Essentials, and so on. With the brand refresh, we are simplifying our full spectrum of products and solutions as:

  • health supplements, under the brand HST Medical 

  • tonics, under the product brand “Heritage Gold” under HST Medical

  • kids’ vitamins, under the product brand “Zoo-Vite” under HST Medical

  • pain relief remedies, under the product brand “Rheuma-Salve” under HST Medical

All things need time. We will be rolling out this brand refresh in stages. You will begin to see the new HST Medical logo roll out in products towards the end of 2020. All future product packaging will clearly show the HST Medical logo to show a unity of our products under an umbrella brand, as will marketing collaterals, advertising campaigns, and content.

We aim to be more than just a transactional supplement company. We want to be a trusted partner to you, in your journey towards health and wellbeing, together.

Higher, Stronger, Together!