Body Meridian Clock

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Meridians are pathways in the body where qi (vital-energy) travels. There are 12 meridians in relation to each organ in the body, and each meridian has a specific time when they are most active. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organ very much refers to the functions and characteristics that it possesses rather than the physical organ.

11pm – 1am(子): GALL BLADDER(胆)
The Gall Bladder and Liver are closely related. During this period, initial cleansing of the body system and cholesterol processing starts to be active. The body has to be at rest (sleep) for these functions to be performed well.

1am – 3am(丑): LIVER(肝)
Our body needs to rest before 11pm so that by this time it is in deep sleep and the Liver can perform its detoxification process and other complex activities.

3am – 5am(寅): LUNG(肺)
This is the time when the Lung energy is most active. Any respiratory symptom such as cough or asthma that happen in this time period implies weakness in the Lung.

5am – 7 am(卯): LARGE INTESTINE (大肠)
Best time to wake up and clear the bowels.

7am – 9am(辰): STOMACH (胃)
The Stomach’s energy is highest in this time period. This is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

9am – 11am(巳): SPLEEN(脾)
The Spleen extracts nutrients from food in the Stomach and supplies to different parts of the body.

11am – 1pm(午): HEART(心)
Nutrients enter the blood stream and the Heart pumps nutrients throughout the system. If a person has insomnia or poor sleep, this is the ideal time to take a small nap to rest and rejuvenate the body.

1pm – 3pm(未): SMALL INTESTINE(小肠)
Foods requiring longer digestion times (proteins) complete their digestion and assimilation. Part of the Small Intestine meridian runs along the shoulder. People who get more pronounced shoulder ache during this time period implies they have problem in this meridian.

3pm – 5pm(申): BLADDER(膀胱)
Bladder meridian is the longest meridian in the body. It covers all organs’ major energy acupoint called “shu” acupoint (腧穴) along the back. People who have symptoms showing in this time period include those who have weak body “qi”(energy) and those who are weak in draining water out of the body system through urination.

5pm – 7pm(酉): KIDNEY(肾)
The Kidney maintains proper chemical balance of the blood based on nutritional intake of the day. The Kidney is an important organ as it stores the “jing” (essence) of the body, which is related to growth, development, aging and death. At this time it is best that work for the day ends to facilitate the Kidney’s functions.

7pm – 9pm(戌): PERICARDIUM(心包)
Pericardium and Heart is closely related. It is also connected to the chest and digestion.

9pm – 11pm(亥): TRIPLE BURNER(三焦)
The Triple Burner handles water and other liquid recycling to make our body function more efficiently.

(by Tan Shiau Tse, TCM Physician, Copyright® HST Medical Pte Ltd)