Shou Wu Plus

Shou Wu Plus (80 Vegicaps)


Hair thinning and whitening is a common problem in modern society, especially when one approaches his or her thirties. The problem may be due to excessive stress, diet, drugs or hereditary. Shou-Wu Plus is an oral supplement that gets to the root of the problem, by stimulating growth and metabolism of hair follicles, improving microcirculation of blood and nutrients to the follicles and promoting the production of pigments to restore natural hair colour. Taken regularly for three months or longer, the degree of hair loss begins to fall to a normal level. Read about cordyceps here.
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Cordyceps CS-4

Cordyceps CS-4 (60 Vegicaps)


Heritage® Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most sought-after medicinal fungi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is highly prized for its time-proven and superior tonifying properties. It promotes recovery and restores energy after illness. Taken regularly, it relieves fatigue and enhances general well-being. CS-4 is a proprietary strain developed by China’s Health Ministry after intensive Research & Development and is deemed to have bioactive components that most closely resemble the wild Tibetan Cordyceps Sinensis.
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