PregnaDHA (30 Vegicaps)


Pure Vegetal DHA, essential for Healthy, Pregnancy and Infant Development. PregnaDHA is an ideal supplement before and after pregnancy, providing safe and effective omega-3 nutrition for mothers and babies. It is a natural pure and concentrated vegetarian source of omega-3 DHA (Docosa Hexaenoic Acid) extracted from microalgae. PregnaDHA is a water extracted algae oil. This innovative technology isolates oils without chemical solvents or alcohols to produce ultra-pure omega-3 DHA that is a perfect substitute to fish oil as it is free of GMO and toxic contaminants.


  • Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy for mother and baby
  • Strengthens Immune Health throughout all stages of pregnancy
  • Supports development and function of Brain, Eyes and Nervous System


  • DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid) (350 mg)
  • EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid) (3.5 mg)
  • No artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. Free from fish, animal products, wheat, gluten, diary, yeast, soy, hexane, PCBs and radioactive elements.


Also available in a Twin Pack (60 Vegicaps)