Clear Eye Plus

Clear Eye Plus (80 capsules)


This traditional herbal preparation is highly recommended for the maintenance of healthy eyes and good vision. Regular use reduces eye strain and improves visual acuity. It alleviates symptoms such as constant thirst and protects the vital organs such as the eyes, liver and kidneys. The main chinese herb used is the valuable Huo Hu Stem (Herba Dendrobii), a bitter sweet herb harvested from the forest of HuoShan in Anhui province, China.


  • Maintains good eye vision
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  • Protects the eyes and other vital organs


  • Huo Hu Stem
  • Gou Qi Fruit
  • Rehmannia Root
  • Solubilised Pearl Powder
  • Chrysanthemum Flower
  • Cassia Seed


  • Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.  Keep out of reach of children.