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TCM Treatment and Prevention of Postnatal Depression

Some mothers experience postnatal blues a few days after giving birth. Signs and symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, sadness, crying, ...
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Infertility (a TCM perspective)

The ability of a woman to conceive is a complex issue that involves both the woman and the man. In ...
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Tea Suggestions for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year marks a period of merry eating and drinking. However, there is also a Chinese proverb that says ...
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Body Meridian Clock

Meridians are pathways in the body where qi (vital-energy) travels. There are 12 meridians in relation to each organ in ...
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Natural Ways of Resolving Hangover

Christmas is a time for gatherings and partying. For those of you who may have had a little too much ...
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Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and TCM Herbal Approaches

Lower back pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by many people. According to the National ...
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TCM Herbs for Preventing Colds and Flu

Here are a few herbs that may help you fight against cold and flu. Take them as precautionary measures or when ...
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TCM Herbs for Busy Women

Women today are busy juggling careers and families. Burning a candle at both ends can be extremely stressful and exhausting ...
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4 Easy Chinese Self-Massage Techniques to Prevent Early Aging

Massage has many therapeutic effects on our body. Apart from enhancing circulation and helps to relief muscular aches and pains, ...
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